b: 1977 Cleveland, OH
lives in Pittsburgh, PA

2005  MFA  The Milton Avery Graduate Center for the Arts at Bard College
2001  BFA  The Cleveland Institute of Art

Solo Exhibitions 

 “PENDULUM” Museum Lab at The Children’s Museum / PPG Color Moments.  Permanent Exhibit.
• “Lazy Pricks”   Soloway Fine Arts  NYC. Sept 9 - Oct 22.
• "The Bald Ego"   Regina Rex, NYC.  April 7 - May 14.
• "All Kitchen Kitchen" collaboration with Mike Stickrod. Helper Projects. NYC. March 25 - April 22.
• "VALET"  Romer Young Gallery  San Fransisco, CA. Sept 18 - Oct 16.
• "The Fourth Molt"   High Energy Constructs   Los Angeles, CA.  Oct 25-Nov. 29
• "The Fourth Molt"   Harwood Arts Center   Albuquerque,NM.   Oct 3- Oct 29
• "Late Holiday"   Rowland Contemporary, Chicago, IL
• “Discorporate”   High Energy Constructs, LA, CA

Group Exhibitions
"Excerpts" Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, UNLV.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  March 27 - July 25.  
• “- - - - - -“  arranged by Brett Yasko.   Space Gallery, Pittsburgh,PA.  May-Aug. 
• “Rulers” Curated by Sue Havens and Jason Lazarus. Coco Hunday. Tampa, FL. June - July
• “Big Ringer” Curated by Andrew Guenther. Andrew Edlin Gallery NYC. April - June
• "Here to Stay" Artist Books Exhibition. Works Progress Agency/MATTER, Portland OR. 11/2- 11/4. 
• "In The Rabbit Hole"  Mother Gallery.  Beacon, NY.  10/27 - 11/14.
• "Defining the Art of Change in the Age of Trump" The Center for Contemporary Political Art.  Washington D.C.  9/30-11/14. 
• “Plural”  The Marjorie Barrick Museum at UNLV.  Feb 2-May 12.  Las Vegas, NV.  
• “COLLECT”  Soloway, NYC.  Dec 17 - Feb 2018.
• “A Dead Dog’s Eye”  Aquarius Showspace NYC. October 6 -November 4. Curated by Deric Carner
• “Bring It”  Soloway,  NYC.  March 11-18.
• "If You Build It"  The Willows NYC @ The Lord & Taylor Bldg. 5th Ave.  http://thewillowsnyc.com
• "Costermongering" A Project by Paul Branca.  Belmacz Gallery, London, UK.
• "39x17"  Presenting @17.  La Mama Galleria.  NYC.  Oct 15-25.   
• "Painting In Trees"  http://hyperallergic.com/211975/in-a-bushwick-park-the-artworks-are-growing-on-trees/
• "If A Spider Falls From A Window Does It Break?"  Curated By Adrianne Rubenstein. Brennan & Griffin,NYC.
•  "To The Max"  Presenting @17.  NYC.  http://presenting-at-17.tumblr.com/page/4  Feb 18th.
•  "Oblique Strategies" Peter Fingesten Gallery, Pace University. NYC.  Jan 27 - Feb 28
•  "Snail Salon"  Regina Rex. NYC.  Curated by Adrianne Rubenstein.   Nov 2 - Dec 15.
• "A Tale in Two Cities"  Reinberger Galleries, The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Cleveland, OH.   Nov 2- Dec 22.
• "BAZAAR"  SOLOWAY. July 28
• "Assembly"   Edward Thorp Gallery. NYC.  Sept 16 - Oct 22.      
• "Feelers."  Soloway NYC.  June 12 - July 17
•  Dependent Art Fair, W25th St. Sheraton Hotel, Soloway NYC. March 4th
• "The Open Daybook Exhibition"  LACE (Los Angles Contemporary Exhibitions) LA, CA.  Jan 6 - Feb 6.
•"Gender:Transgressions"  The Harwood Art Center, Traveling to University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM.
• "World's Greatest"  Daily Operation. NYC. Jun 4-6.  Curated by Jon Lutz.
• "Greynbow" Horse Trader Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.  May 9 - April 11.
• "Cycling Apparati"  High Energy Constructs/SolwayJones. September 2008. LA, CA.
• "Black Mirror"   High Energy Constructs, LA, CA
•  Monument to Paterson. Flux Factory. w/ S. Joelson. The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ.
• "One Night Stand/If Then, As If" 165 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY
• “See Scotland” The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock,Scotland,UK
• MFA Thesis Exhibition. Bard College, UBS. Red Hook, NY
• “Look, Paint.” SPACES Gallery. Cleveland, OH,
• “48 Hours of Making.” B.K. Smith Gallery, Lake Erie College. Painesville, OH
• BFA Thesis Exhibition. Reinberger Galleries. The Cleveland Institute of Art. Cleveland, OH
•SPACE Lab. “Cinematic Daydreams” SPACES Gallery. Cleveland, OH
•“Successions in Torpor.” Inside Gallery. Cleveland, OH

Artist Talks
2017  “Walk and Chew Gum”  Artists Who Make Books.  Studio 10.  Brooklyn, NY  June 20.
2016  Visiting Lecturer.  SUNY Rockland College.
2015  "Art in Practice: Memory, Myth, and Storytelling." The Marjorie Barrick Museum, UNLV.  Las Vegas, NV.

• Lesley School of Art + Design MFA candidate Mentor.  Spring 2019 ongoing.  
• Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, NJ. Fall 2020 Semseter  PTL: Collage/Drawing 
• Winchester Thurston School - Teaching Artist & After School Programs Educator - Pittsburgh, PA 
• Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, NJ.  Spring 2018
  Guest Lecturer Drawing 1B, ‘Systems and Mapping’

2013 The Haven Foundation
2013 Artist's Fellowship Inc.
2012 The Mayer Foundation
• Install: Afternoons at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA.  March - June 2020.
• "Do More"  Exhibition & Inquiry workshops with students of The Winchester Thurston School.  Pittsburgh, PA. Dec - Feb 2019.
• The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh MuseumLAB / PPG Foundation : PENDULUM : a conceptual sculpture on permanent display beginning June, 2019.

• Viewing Program Recipient.   The Drawing Center, NYC.  2021
• Interlude Artist Residency.  Livingston, NY.  Forthcoming Summer 2022.
The Pratt Institute Libraries Zine Collection 
The Children's Musuem of Pittsburgh, Museum Lab
The Marjorie Barrick Museum at UNLV
The Cleveland Institute of Art Study Collection.

• The Barrick's Plural teams local and international"  by Dawn-Michele Baude.  Las Vegas Weekly. April 19, 2018. 
• "Branden Koch Looks at America and Doesn't Like What He Sees." by John Yau.  Hyperallergic.  2017.
• The Brooklyn Rail.  "Feelers"  by Linnea Kniaz.  Jul/Aug 2011 issue.
• Artslant.com "Measuring Now" Branden Koch at High Energy Constructs.  by Catherine Wagley 2008.
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•“Abstract Painters make the medium their own.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer; Arts and Life.Nov.26,2001. by Dan Tranberg.

Publications and Projects in Print
• Shifter Magazine.  "On Waiting"  Forthcoming 2021.
• The Plague Review Digest. Published by Rotland Press, Detroit, MI.  2021.  
• "Our Insolvency" by Jermemy Hoevenaar.  Published by Golias Books.  Forthcoming 2021 
• Exhibition Catalogue. Excerpts: Works from the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art Collections
• La Tranchée Racine Hebdomadaire / Stéphane Blanquet.  Published by Chacal
   Puant, France.  October 2020 
• "Bloken Exhaust"  chapbook collaboration with John Yau and Ink Cap Press, NYC.  2020.
• "OFF PEAK"  self published artist book limited edition of 50.  2019
• Hyerallergic - Drawing in a Time of Fear & Lies: "No Room for Satire"
• Hyperallergic - Drawing in a Time of Fear & Lies: "The Senate's Sausage Party"  
• Hyperallergic -Drawing in a Time of Fear & Lies: "Faithful to Putin One Hundred Percent"
Hyperallergic -Drawing in a Time of Fear & Lies: "Bibimbop, Burgers, and Human Kimchi"
• Hyperallergic - Drawing in a Time of Fear and Lies "A-Tisket A-Tasket" 
Fields Magazine (Austin, TX) Issue #9.  Featured portfolio and collaborative text.  Spring/Summer 2018. 
Hyperallergic - Drawing in a Time of Fear & Lies : "Feeding Kind Narcissus" 
• “Lazy Pricks”  Self published artist book in correlation with solo exhibition at Soloway Fine Arts.  2017.
•“The Bald Ego” Self published artist book in correlation with Regina Rex exhibition. 2017.
• "The Vampire State Lapel Pin"  Edition of 100 inaugural lapel pins for No Club Editions.  Summer 2015.
• Force Multiplier : An Audio Project by Andrew Zarou.  CD Compilation.  Summer 2015.
• Shifter Magazine Vol. 19 -"Proposals"
• "The War on Christmas"  issue no. 1 - ed. by Cecila Dougherty. Faye Hirsch & Cecilia Dougherty 2011.
• The Open Day Book.  Edited by David Earle.  Mark Batty Publishers.  2010.
• VECTOR Arts Journal. ed. by Peter Gregorio.  April 16, 2009.
• Shifter Magazine vol. 10. “Transparent White.” 2007 • Shifter Magazine vol. 9: Ruin/Monument. 2006
• “Back from SPACELab: 10 Years of Innovation” SPACELab 1994-2004; Cat. - October 2004.
• “Best of Cleveland 2003” Cleveland Magazine, October 2003 issue.